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About the 100 Club

The 100 Club helps to raise vital funds for our band.
A number costs £30 a year.
Half the money raised goes to the band, and half the money is awarded in cash prizes.

Recent Results

March 2024

The 100 Club draw for March took place at our rehearsal on Wednesday 6th March. Here are the results:
1st Prize: £153.75 Brian Law (51)
2nd Prize: £92.25 Paul Ford (25)
3rd Prize: £61.50 Andrew Wallbank (57)

Members 2023 - 2024

  1. Pauline Davies
  2. Dexy Barnes
  3. Lauren Ogden
  4. Roy Davies
  5. Valerie Martin Warren
  6. Lincoln Newby
  7. Sue Newby
  8. Grace Newby
  9. Valerie Martin Warren
  10. Jonathan Ford
  11. Alison Peacock
  12. Hilda Collis
  13. Fred Litttle
  14. Albie Overall
  15. Peter Edge
  16. June Pearson
  17. William & Eileen Fordham
  18. Glenn Anderton
  19. Rachael Barry
  20. Espe Overall
  21. Alice Overall
  22. Paul Ford
  23. Jack Overall
  24. Helen Littlehales
  25. Paul Ford
  26. Elaine Hayhurst
  27. Carole Binson
  28. Rachael Anderton
  29. Stephanie Ford
  30. Philip Cutler
  31. Philip Cutler
  32. Rupert & Katherine Swarbrick
  33. Mark Peacock

34. Jim & Mandy Rogerson
35. Jim & Mandy Rogerson
36. Valerie Martin Warren
37. Irene Nuttall
38. Valerie Martin Warren
39. Doris MacGlashan
40. Mark Clegg
41. Cathryn Hurst
42. Kathleen Hargreaves
43. Janet Clegg
44. Leigh Anne Law
45. Eric Billington
46. Alice Sterling
47. David Newby
48. Norman Outhwaite
49. Margaret Brown
50. Carole Bimson
51. Brian Law
52. Sylvia Wilkinson
53. William & Eileen Fordham
54. Margaret Bamber
55. Margaret Bamber
56. Tracey Unsworth
57. Andrew Wallbank
58. Keith Kaye
59. Sue Newby
60. Sue Newby
61. Rupert & Katherine Swarbrick
62. Joshua Peacock
63. Ian Fordham
64. Ian Fordham
65. Kathleen Hargreaves
66. Alice Sterling

67. Harry Peacock
68. Philip Helvin
69. Brooke Taylor
70. Hilary Ashton
71. Jean Minton
72. Clare Briggs
73. Brian Hunt
74. Brian Hunt
75. Gillian Davies
76. Julie Miller
77. Logan Hill
78. Austin Hill
79. Zoe Hill
80. Pam Hill
81. Adrian Hill
82. Alan Bould

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Please complete the PDF membership form, make sure it is signed and return it to Sue Newby. You must also ensure your number is paid for to be included in the first draw (every September).

When can I join?

New members are only accepted once a year, after the final draw  in June. Payment must be made by the end of July, before the first draw of the new season in September for your number to be included.

How old do I need to be to join?

You must be over 16 to join the 100 Club.

How much does it cost?

One number costs £30.

When will the draw be made?

There are four draws a year. These are in September, December, March and June.

How is the prize money worked out?

 The regular quarterly prize fund will be of 50% of the quarterly income— there will be three prizes in every draw:- 

• 1st prize = 50% of quarterly prize fund (e.g. £187.50 if 100 members) 

• 2nd prize = 30% of quarterly prize fund (e.g. £112.50 if 100 members) 

• 3rd prize = 20% of quarterly prize fund (e.g. £75 if 100 members) 

How will I receive my prize money?

You will receive a cheque in the post, usually within a week after the draw has been made. For this reason, please let us know if you change your address or any of your other contact details.

How do I leave the 100 Club?

Please contact Sue Newby if you wish to leave the 100 Club. There will be no refunds if you leave part way through the year.

If you do not pay for your number by the specified cut off date before the new season, we will assume that you no longer wish to be in the 100 Club.