100 Club

The Longridge band are excited to announce our new 100 club. 

The 100 Club will operate as a Small Lottery as defined by the Gambling Act 2005. Half the money raised will go towards supporting the band, with the other half given as prizes in four draws throughout the year.

Membership is £30 a year for one number. 

The regular quarterly prize fund will be of 50% of the quarterly income— there will be three prizes:-

1st prize = 50% of quarterly prize fund (e.g. £187.50 if 100 members)

2nd prize = 30% of quarterly prize fund (e.g. £112.50 if 100 members)

3rd prize = 20% of quarterly prize fund (e.g. £75 if 100 members)

The quarterly draws will take place in March, June, September and December 

For the full terms and conditions and application form, please download the pdf form below.  

To be included in the first draw please make sure you send your application form back to Sue Newby, and setup your standing order by midnight on Saturday 30th June 2018. The first draw will be held in September 2018.