On Friday 14th June the band travelled to the Saddleworth area to take part in the annual Whit Friday brass band competitions. We visited six villages which included Lees, Scouthead, Delph, Denshaw, Greenfield and Lydgate.

We were the last band on at Lydgate, band number seventy-seven which is a record number for the village contest. We finished playing our chosen march The President followed by the National Anthem at around 11:45PM! It was a long night for the band, but a rewarding one being awarded several prizes in the First Section.

Our best result from the evening was at Greenfield, where we finished in fourth place out of sixty-nine bands, just behind Brighouse, Faireys and Leyland!

The bands results are as follows:

Lees and Springhead: ?/43
Scouthead and Austerlands: 13/ 63 (3rd in the First Section)
Delph: 11/ 81
Denshaw: 26/ 59
Greenfield: 4/ 69 (1st in the First Section)
Lydgate: 23/ 77 (2nd in the First Section)

For full results and more information about this incredible event please visit the website here: